Generation Z (13 to 23-year-olds) is often under the spotlight. Following the financial crash in 2008 and social media’s rise in prominence ever since, this generation is constantly facing new challenges. It is therefore vital we learn how Generation Z feels about their lives. The research conducted by Kaspersky and research firm Censuswide in 2018, showed that there is an anxiety epidemic – with 87% of Gen Z-ers feeling anxious about something, and with the majority of them not seeking help for it.
Together with The Mix, a digital youth charity supporting people under the age of 25, Kaspersky launched a campaign – #AndOwningIt – to help turn Generation Z insecurities into securities. It aimed to help young people lead happier lives by empowering them to embrace the very things that make them feel insecure and allowing them realize these insecurities are not barriers to happiness. Why? Because the first step to turning an insecurity into a strength is owning it.
The campaign is supported by custom t-shirts, featuring the most common insecurities young people have, encouraging them to accept their insecurities and start a conversation. All of the profits from selling the t-shirts go to The Mix.